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rsgoldfast Mar 6

I first saw him RuneScape gold at Villanova The issue is that he has to play allout to be really effective and that inevitably wears him down over the course of the season DeRozan is good player but he's too inefficient for that leading role Terrence Ross hasn't shown that he can be anything more than a decent role player So who picks up the slack when


Lowry is banged up This is what Paul Pierce was getting at when he said the Raps lacked the necessary ingredient that made you worried as an opponent Sorry but the Truth hurtsA big question I have for Toronto is what happened to the defense The Raps were solid to good two years ago on that end and fell off a cliff last season with


a lot of the same personnel If they can somehow get back to defending at a top level then I'd be willing to reconsider my stance on their prospects That's on themZILLER Agreed They have some good defensive playersespecially with Carroll in placebut I'm mad concerned with what happens up front if you start Patterson or go small


from the jump Lowry buy RuneScape gold Carroll and to a lesser extent DeRozan can do their jobs on the wings but teams will attack the hell out of the paint Valanciunas hasn't proven to me he can do anything about thatI'm interested in what Toronto would consider a successful season They might actually be the first victim of the seeding reform that

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