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The animation adaptation of  Digimon Masters Tera , that is based on digital beasts and debut characters inside fifth generation of animation, was officially launched on (19th) this current year. Red peppers simultaneously released promotional videos authorized by Japan and South Korea to guide players and digital beasts to consider risks.

In 2013, essentially the most watched role-playing role-playing video game "Dibao Online" by Hongxin Peppers, having its super-popularity sweeping across Taiwan, recently launched a packaged virtual treasure gift sending event as well as a "digital adventure minibus" painting car. , caused concern coming from all walks of life, attracting many friends of all sizes, popularity is full!
The "Dibao Online" only at that (19) 5:00 pm hot start doesn't delete the file closed test, synchronous public "Dibao Online" new TV commercials, ads showing a vivid game screen and funny cute digital beast, will Accompanied with the players to have this brimming with friendship, courage, power fantasy adventure world, also, the red heart pepper specially carefully ready to seal combination of gifts, to ensure that DMO Currency players can enjoy the overall game's most unique rich content!

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