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“Xu Weili” uses her samurai sword and automatic pistol as her very own Closers Credits weapon, which enables her to get a highly flexible combat capability which takes into account the gap. After the Advanced Agent is a top-notch agent, he get four specialization skills. The “EX Phase Shot” would be to inject the phase strength to the bullet to enhance the damage, quickly destroy the enemy, and divide itself into multiple shadow avatars. Hit the "EX full lock" without having dead-end attacks, and "EX without my field" to boost Xu Weili's use of swordsmanship, sweeping all threats ahead with lightning speed.

In the conclusion, the immortal fighting spirit inside heart of Xu Weili is injected in to the sword. With the tip-of-the-art skills that may instantly break with the power with the next dimension, “Must Kill: Achieve Determination” can become a nightmare for everyone enemies. With Closers Credits NA new skill blessings, "Xu Wei Li," she's going to be essentially the most beautiful and dazzling female god of war about the battlefield.

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