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Since the April 9 online preliminary Closers Credits for sale competition, the very best three teams from nearly 50 team agents have won in a number of matches, from the "CLOSERS" "Second Season 3V3 Wheel Kings Finals" on April 28th. The 1st Anniversary Players Fun Club" staged the supreme finals around the stage, competing for championships, champions and runner-up titles and awards. The "3V3 Wheel Kings 2nd Season" is usually a wheel race system. Each team can register around four players, and precisely the same role used by a similar team mustn't be repeated. In addition to testing the difficult power of each one player's own skills, the arrangement on the player's appearance order along with the different order of play have likewise become important strategic considerations. The official emphasized that in order to permit players to obtain a better gaming experience, this device use the gaming keyboard, mouse, earphones, and also the high-profile consoles of ZTE's computers and AOC’s gaming surface screens.
In addition for the three team players who may have come out for the scene, they also invited the participant Lin Zhaohong, who may have dazzling performance in last year's and last year's competition, because match. In the round-robin race that lasted in excess of one hour, the gamers did their best as well as the final team's “Green Pride” used their familiarity because of their own roles and different strategies to learn different teams. The record is among the most champion on the 2nd Season 3V3 Wheel Kings Championship. In addition on the officially provided 10,000 yuan points, optional fashion awards, the "Vietnamese Pioneer MEKA POR LITE mechanical e-sports given by Cheap Closers Credits can be purchased. keyboard".

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