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Tree Of Savior Silver should have a Game Masters meeting  in-game on November 29-30 across all servers. Travel to channel 1/2 of Gateway on the Great King (Lv. 58), within the area at the Statue of Goddess Vakarine. Check out the map below to discover where the meeting is going to take place.

Times on the meeting are listed below:

on November 29th, from 21:00 to 22:00 EST in servers Kláipeda (NA), Orsha(NA) and Silute (SA). On November 30th, from 04:00 to 05:00 on servers Fedimian (EU), Telsiai (SEA)and Varena (SEA). Please be aware that GM should have the GM tag within their team name and will probably be wearing a unique winged GM outfit.

Also, since some errors have already been occurring during Regional Team Battles, there will probably be some changes implemented prior to the problem is solved. These changes will probably be start on December 6th 2016.

The  automatic reward distribution system will probably be deactivated, and weekly Regional Guild Battle TP rewards will instead be given to your winning guilds manually. The TP reward will likely be sent to each guild directly via their Guild Storage.

There are going to be an extra x50 Talt as reward to guilds having at the least 1 victory in the week until December 20, 2016. Reward will probably be deposited directly inside guild’s Storage.

Tree of Savior is an activity currently being manufactured by IMC Games from Korea. The anime style graphics plus their particular game engine get this a game to hold in mind. Tthe lead designer is Kim Hakkyu, the designer who made Ragnarok Online possible.  It features over 80 different classes to experience, having a huge world and amazing quantity of bosses to defeat. Of course Cheap Tree Of Savior Silver  enhancement and item crafting weren't forgotten.

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