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Jagex on Thursday announced--and launched--a brand new "cutthroat" version of the popular PC game RuneScape. Called DarkScape, it's termed an "experimental sandbox MMO" that concentrates on the "thrill with the kill." The game is defined in RS Mobile Gold a "shadowy, alternate" game universe, that you can see inside the video below.

The free-to-play DarkScape doesn't replace RuneScape, but rather exists alongside it, set inside same overall world as RuneScape, however with a "kill or perhaps be killed" twist. Everyone starts over completely from scratch in DarkScape, but people who have existing RuneScape accounts will get a 1.5X XP boost as well as an extra item maintained on RuneScape Mobile Gold death.

"Featuring an unusual and treacherous world split into low, mid, and high-risk regions, each using their own economy, players must decide how deep they travel into zones of maximum threat, where valuable resources and high-level content could be claimed," Jagex said in their announcement.

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