E3 2018: EA officially launched the FIFA 19 trailer, focusing on the Champions League van Bale dagboek

After FIFA 18, EA has officially announced the FIFA 19 game at the E3 2018 event, along with a trailer that reveals a wide range of Cheap FIFA 19 Coins gameplay modes and features of this longtime football game brand.

Electronic Arts has unveiled a trailer for the all-new FIFA 19, which is expected of many, in its press conference at E3 2018. The trailer brings Champions League mode, updates to Ultimate mode Team, and a confrontation between five Champions League winners, Cristiano Ronaldo and the most expensive player in the world, Neymar. The game will be released on September 28th this year on PCs with all the emulators, but with the
FIFA 19 Coins Nintendo Switch it will not be supported by the Frostbyte engine that enhances the game's power as in other equipment.

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