Football: Fifa chief backs shock prefer to expand Qatar 2022 World Cup to 48 teams 2 van Bale dagboek

In 2026, USA, Canada and Mexico have decided to combine forces to host 48 nations.

Infantino, speaking with the opening in the FIFA 19 Coins Asian Football Confederation's new headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, said on the potential fast-track: "If it's possible, why don't you? We need to see if it truly is possible, if it can be feasible. We are discussing with the Qatari friends, we're discussing with your many other friends inside region so we hope that it can happen.

"And, in any other case, we could have tried. We can have tried because we always need to try to do things in the Cheap FUT 19 Coins better way."

Infantino also reiterated his intentions to expand the Club World Cup, saying he really wants to make it a "real competition" that "every club inside world can target".

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