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A Redditor found mention on the word momentum within the FIFA 17 game files.

The same Redditor followed up by starting more detail about this code, which appears to be reveal an adaptive difficulty that's dependent on such things as how many shots you've taken, the amount of FIFA 19 Coins possession you love and whether you've scored early. The suggestion is FIFA gets harder better you do, and simpler the worse one does.

FIFA 17 game files also mention something called adaptive difficulty, which can explain how momentum works.

What the FIFA community doesn't know is whether or not this apparent momentum affects offline play only, online play only, or both. Players, specially those who play online seasons mode or FUT Champions (the most popular Weekend League), wish to know if online matches are influenced by this, as if they are, fair play will be called into FUT 19 Coins question.

So, wood this evidence, I place the issue of momentum to FIFA creative director Matt Prior.

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