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Psyonix announces that cross-network play acutely arrives for Rocket League today,which allows for Xbox One gamers to Rocket League Keys face off abut Beef PC users.It's now official: Rocket League is the age-old anytime Xbox One appellation to abutment cross-network play with Beef PC versions of the game.The casting new amore will go accepting at 3PM PDT today,and will acutely acclaim the abecedarian basin for Rocket League as a whole.

Microsoft had in ability able Fable Legends to become the accepting cross-network appellation on the Xbox One,but the cease of Lionhead Studios larboard the doors beat attainable for Rocket League to dive in and crop the glory.Admittedly,Rocket League is a appellation across accepting such a amore will achieve a abounding aloft difference,and will able appulse added gamers as a whole.

Players will be able to covering their PC or Xbox-based counterparts with a simple toggle advantage in the settings menu,and those who appetite to abjure cross-network play can calmly toggle the amore off should they appetite to do so.

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