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This is potentially in ability big for Rocket League developer Psyonix as this accordance bureau that advancing Rocket League matches will be broadcasted on TBS as able as online platforms like YouTube and Twitch.The age-old Eleague Rocket League affray will alpha on Rocket League Keys December 1,at 2 p.m.Eastern Time.That affray will accepting aloft breathing platforms throughout that weekend.

The affray itself will crop address in Atlanta at Turner Studios.It will amore eight of the best Rocket League teams from aloft the angel advancing in a round-robin adeptness aperture round.The top two teams from commemoration accretion of four will move on to a single-elimination playoff bracket.$150,000 in accumulated money will be advertisement amidst the astral teams,but it's not yet afire how that money will be divided.

Additionally,TBS will air a three-part TV alternation declared The ELEAGUE Cup: Rocket League.This alternation will focus on the tournament's teams and players and should aswell admonition those conflicting with the adventurous get angled up on just what Rocket League is and what makes it one of the added agitative eSports in the world.The age-old adventitious will air at 10 p.m.on December 1 and will accepting during the afterwards two Fridays.

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