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As a round progresses, Tera Items teams will likely earn skill tokens. During the 45-second break between rounds, team  leaders can distribute these tokens in a of three ways:

    Use tokens to obtain team buffs
    Use tokens to spawn additional BAMs to the other team to kill
    Use tokens to debuff the opposite team

Teams must utilize all their collective skills in several different ways to make certain victory within the end. The more strategic the overall game play, the greater successful the c's. Coliseum play was designed to  challenge players to produce the best, most effective use of their cooldowns, pacing and sheer DPS to lower  monsters and also to stay alive while the process. Death, of course, only slows the remaining survivors.

Lastly, balance is going to be key. While a pure DPS team may kill monsters quickly, there is a off chance that ‘ glass cannons’ will likely be brought down in one hit. Maintaining teams with balanced abilities that take  advantage of each one player’s skill will probably be imperative to winning a match.

Coliseum seems as if a lot of fun plus a great way to bring reluctant PvE players into competitive PvP  gameplay, albeit in different ways than most would expect. Tera Gold players are going to be able to try the new game  mode if your free Fate of Arun expansion goes survive December 16th.
bunny4385 Jun 16 · Tags: tera items