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One in the benefits of creating graphics depending on the art kind of an animated series is usually that the graphics are likely to age well. Digimon Masters Tera from several years ago look quite similar today while they did then along with several years the characters in Digimon Masters Online will still look precisely the same giving the game’s graphics a classic quality. The downside to presenting this sort of graphical style is the visuals are hardly ever top from the line to the time.

In Digimon Masters Online these two statements are true. The character designs are simplistic, but adequate, and backgrounds are vibrant. Fans with the Digimon franchise will feel in your own home as the Digimon are faithfully reproduced and characters through the Digimon Savers television series appear unchanged. Animations are very done, expecially some in the Digimon’s combat moves, and everything moves smoothly. While the game may never win any awards for graphics, everything fits together with the game’s feel very well.

The sound in Digimon Masters Online is a mixed bag. The sounds are nothing special featuring rather generic effects. Some with the sounds, such because the evolution sound are taken directly in the television show. While the sounds are plain, the soundtrack just isn't. The music is catchy, featuring energetic beats that are great for DMO Gold feel very well.  The only off-putting aspect from the music is that it usually is upbeat even an area which is supposedly “dark” and “scary”.
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